Friends with Benefits, written by bamon-babies

"So," Damon says, reaching out and brushing a curl away from her face. His fingers slowly curve along the length of her jaw and his touch feels electric. "What do you say?"

She stares into his icy eyes, contemplating. She’d be crazy to say yes, wouldn’t she? On the other hand, a night of crazy, wild sex could take the edge off.

Oh God, she’s actually going to do this, isn’t she?

"Okay, but first some ground rules," Bonnie says. She somehow manages to keep her voice even, despite the butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

Damon rolls his eyes, but motions for her to continue.

"One: this never gets out. To anyone. Ever."

"That goes without saying."

"Two: No biting or leaving visible marks."

"You’re boring, but fine. Anything else?"

"Just one last thing: This is a one-time thing. No strings, no messy attachments, none of that bullcrap."

"A woman after my own heart."

"Okay, so do you want shake on it or…?" She kind of feels like an idiot in that moment. She just agreed to have sex, but asks if he wants to shake hands to form an agreement?

"I’ve got a better idea." He pulls her in for a kiss. (x)



My favorite part of any episode of this show is to watch how Giles is 600% done with everybody.

Legendary Wolf.

mcdiggity inquired:
BB "babysitting" Mar'i, and by babysitting I mean teaching his pranking ways. Bonus points for X dropping by :).


They are in so much trouble.

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This drink I like it. Another!

I love how quickly he readjusts to the culture so foreign to him. Like, he does not even protest or try to explain this is how it’s done in Asgard so it’s how it SHOULD be done because he’s a mighty god and stuff. He’s just like “but I… oh I see smashing mugs is not a custom here. I’m sorry I won’t do it again :( “

A lot of people could learn from this.

^ How to be a traveler and not a tourist

Track: Stick to the status quo
Artist: High School Musical
Album: High School Musical


Stick to the status QUO!

This is not what I want
This is not what I planned
And I just gotta say
I do not understand
Something is really

Something’s not right

Really wrong

Sharpay & Ryan:
And we gotta get things
Back where they belong
We can do it

Stick with what you know

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when a person who’s skinnier than you says they’re fat



❀ Toothiana ❀

Simplistic cutie patoothie.




This is one of my favorite childhood stories.


I loved these books